Ed Underwood

Pastor, Author, and Shepherd of Shepherds

In 2015, Ed knew God was leading him to transition out of leading the historic Church of the Open Door—a life-altering mission. God was asking Ed to leverage his leadership experiences as a fireman for the U.S. Forest Service, an Army officer, and four decades of leading churches to serve the Body of Christ at large. 

What had been incubating in his heart as he equipped leaders, encouraged pastors, taught the Bible in seminaries, Bible schools, and conferences, was the need to recenter the church to Jesus’ two priorities—making disciples and loving one another. 

Recentered Group was born in 2016 with Ed as the Executive Officer and Lead Counselor. Since then, he has helped numerous pastors and church leadership teams to recenter their ministries.

As God leads, he continues to work as a guest pastor, speaker, and author.

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